Get ready for a wellness gift for your body while you relieve from the stress at work and escape from your daily routines.

Sapanca Aqua Hotel offers a SPA center 420m2 large; a hot pool at 27C degrees, a fitness center and a professional team with the promise of relieving you of your stress with relaxing massage techniques. After a massage applied with aromatic oils and scents and massage with scents, you will renewed. A good SPA massage will help your body get rid of dead cells and restore the body’s mineral balance. It will make you feel more energetic; and it will help the healing of your body.

Turkish Baths, offering various cleansing rituals, is one of the most important references of the Ottoman culture that continues today. Also known as “Hammams”, Turkish baths typically have rooms with different temperatures (warm room, hot room, etc.) and are expandable with pools and sauna baths. Turkish baths are today’s one of the most important bathing places, still actively used in Turkey and around the world.

Sapanca Aqua Hotel offers one of the most outstanding examples of Turkish bath experience, which is excellent for both massage and bathing. As an easy to access facility, our Turkish bath has a big marble stone (tummy stone), 8 kurnas (a kurna is consisted of a tap and a basin), a dry sauna and a Finnish sauna. Per your request, our professional personnel is ready to give you a kese scrub or a foam massage.

Do something good for your body and soul; come and relax at Sapanca Aqua Hotel SPA center.

Here are the services available at Sapanca Aqua Hotel SPA center:

Classic massages
Bath glove
Foam massage
All body oil massage
Aroma therapy oil massage
Sport massage
Relax massage
S.P.A. massages
Thai massage
Traditional Bali massage
Lymph drainage massage
Mix massage
Indian head massage
S.P.A. body care
Thermal clay care
Firming seaweed care
Cellulite care
Face mask
Medical massages
Medical back massage
Medical foot massage
Therapy back massage
Therapy all body massage
Medical head massage